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A fantastic range of Merino wool thermal underwear, from quality German Brand Mey.  Take a look by CLICKING HERE.

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Angora Wool Thermal Underwear

Angora wool is the lightest natural fibre there is the hollow structure of its fibres makes it ideal for thermal clothing.  It has fantastic thermal insulating properties, being seven times warmer than sheep's wool.  Angora Wool Underwear is comfortable to wear next to the skin and allows body moisture to escape, keeping the wearer dry, as well as warm and helping to maintain a steady temperature at the skin surface.  Angora wool vests will keep you very warm when you are outside It will let you cool off when you are inside.  It will keep you warm even if it gets wet.

Angora Wool also has therapeutic effects for: Back problems, Arthritis, and  Carpal tunnel syndrome - or any other pain affecting Your joints.  The soft cushioned fibres protect painful joints and the warmth will help ease any pain or discomfort.

You can find out more about Angora wool here.

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